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Thu 17 Apr

Apr 17 Re:re:re: Ukraine /Russia map

Apr 17 re: RE: Russia/Ukraine

Apr 17 RE: Russia/Ukraine

Apr 17 re;KRISTI map

Apr 17 Doctors map

Wed 16 Apr

Apr 16 re: Russia and Ukraine

Apr 16 Thank you! (B.C.)

Apr 16 The New Superpower: China VS the United States of America pic map

Apr 16 re: Vancouver to host a supporter of Russia's aggression in ukraine

Apr 16 CATARACT SURGERY overcharges (Lower Mainland) map

Apr 16 Summer Mcfadyen..BC Fd map

Apr 16 re: Rules of this forum

Apr 16 Rules of this forum map

Tue 15 Apr

Apr 15 If you want to restore democracy and prosperity, Join us (Vancouver) map

Apr 15 Volunteer - Marketing - Social Media (Vancouver) map

Apr 15 Canadian females map

Apr 15 ICBC map

Mon 14 Apr

Apr 14 re: Canada SUCKS

Apr 14 Costly Christie the fat little piggy

Apr 14 Canada sucks

Apr 14 ICBC

Sun 13 Apr

Apr 13 re: Re:re: Canada sucks

Apr 13 Re:re: Canada sucks map

Apr 13 New Sexual Services SURVEY (& Newsletter) Adults-Only (18+) (BC)

Apr 13 re: Canada SUCKS

Apr 13 Canada SUCKS

Apr 13 Kitimat Vote map

Sat 12 Apr


Fri 11 Apr

Apr 11 re GOOD JOB Clark (Pipeline) map

Apr 11 Jennys Gotta Go map

Thu 10 Apr

Apr 10 Jim Flaherty

Apr 10 AS IF (vancouver) map

Apr 10 Jimmy Kimmel

Wed 09 Apr


Apr 9 - doing her job!!! map

Apr 9 Canadian Doctors work for the State ((not the patience))

Apr 9 The QUEEN Needs to Steal the Food (from Disabled) map

Tue 08 Apr

Apr 8 re: UBC hosting a concert of a supporter of Russian aggression in Ukra

Apr 8 Abortion

Apr 8 re: re: The chicken is done like dinner (burnaby north)

Apr 8 The chicken is done like dinner

Mon 07 Apr

Apr 7 The anti-abortionist chickens out again

Apr 7 Stop wasting everybody's time!

Sun 06 Apr

Apr 6 re: Re pro lifer EARL take 3 (vancouver)

Apr 6 re: Re: re: x7 pro lifer EARL (burnaby south) pic

Apr 6 Re: x9 pro lifer EARL

Apr 6 re: To all Pro and Anti Abortion Debaters

Apr 6 re: x7 pro lifer EARL pic

Apr 6 re: x5 pro lifer EARL

Apr 6 re: Re: re: Re pro lifer EARL (burnaby south)

Sat 05 Apr

Apr 5 re: Re pro lifer EARL

Apr 5 Pro lifers- Brian and Earl

Apr 5 paint a nazi a nazi ; why hide it ? (BC Government) map

Thu 03 Apr

Apr 3 RE good job Clark

Apr 3 "Bill C-13, A "Digital Trojan Horse for the Surveillance State" (KANADA) pic map

Wed 02 Apr

Apr 2 re: aparthied

Apr 2 Pro lifers

Tue 01 Apr

Apr 1 The zionist Jew is extremely confused

Mon 31 Mar

Mar 31 re:Moderate "Palestinian" Authority pledges aid for families of jihad pic

Mar 31 Moderate "Palestinian" Authority pledges aid for families of jihad (Israel)

Mar 31 re:April 1 st

Mar 31 Costly Christie

Mar 31 April 1 st

Mar 31 Assisted suicide

Sun 30 Mar

Mar 30 re: Re: Pity the fetus fetishist (Whingeburg)

Mar 30 re: STOP VOTING!!!! (Idiotsland)

Mar 30 re: RE:re:re April 1st map

Mar 30 Pity the fetus fetishist

Mar 30 Bobby Paulsen -RCMP

Mar 30 Peter MacKay is a liar

Mar 30 Re: ICESCR

Sat 29 Mar

Mar 29 Mme.Marois the Separatist

Mar 29 ew: Re: re: April 1st map

Mar 29 google ICESCR (International) map

Mar 29 Re: Bailouts

Mar 29 Re: re: April 1st

Mar 29 Rob Ford

Mar 29 Alison Redneck

Mar 29 Party Leaders

Mar 29 LET THE BOYS map

Fri 28 Mar

Mar 28 re: April 1st message to politicians

Mar 28 Re:re:Crooked Kwan

Mar 28 Dom,Dom,Dom

Mar 28 April 1st message to politicians


Thu 27 Mar

Mar 27 re: Why Politicians are Crooked (Canada)

Wed 26 Mar

Mar 26 Boomers Explode

Mar 26 Fair Vote Bill

Mar 26 re: Truth about UN (Jewliarsville) pic

Mar 26 AWWWW -WAAAAA!!! (CANADA) map

Mar 26 re: job creation map

Mar 26 re: my money map

Mar 26 OPP and government

Mar 26 Job Creation Program

Mar 26 My money

Tue 25 Mar

Mar 25 $5500.00--who cares! map

Mar 25 $5500.00

Mar 25 RE: The desperate Jewish liar is back! (?) pic

Mar 25 re... jenny (moms house) map

Mar 25 Planet earth

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