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Re: EI truckers vs port (Surrey)

Burn it all

Canadians Are Violent 'Because It Feels Good' (- The Imitation Game) pic

Re: Foreigners Are Taking Over Canadian Real Estate (Tonight's Chicke (n shit speacial)

re:re: too many of one kind...

Re: EI truckers vs port (Surrey)

RE; E I truckers and the port (The ports)

Unlike Chinese Propaganda....Photos Don't Lie !!!

55 Vancouver port 55 (it`s fair)


2nd Re: E I Truckers vs Port


Re: Lesson Learned!! pic

Re: Council Of European Canadians

Air China : Air Canada to deepen cooperation

Re: China, The White Trash Slayer Of Cruelty And Human Slavery pic

Re: Canadian crime rate hits four-decade low, Toronto leads the trend

Vancouver Mayor Robertson said to be dating Chinese pop star Wanting Q pic

Re: Foreigners Are Taking Over Canadian Real Estate (Tonight's Chicken Little Special)

Re: "Canada Is a Nation Created by Diverse Immigrants" -- A False Meme

Re: Diversity and multiculturalism = White Genocide

Re: A Pro-immigration Vote Is A Vote For The Destruction Of Canada

This is how the rich Chinese are carrying out "white genocide"

Re: A German's view on Islam - worth reading

What this UNB professor practices is intolerance, not sociology

This just in! Modern day crusade to begin! pic

Re: China's Growth Slows Big Time

Chinese, Canadian central banks agree to 200 bln yuan currency swap

Stoney Nakoda First Nation signs 'huge' oil deal with Chinese firm

B.C. First Nations China strategy applauded

First Nations and China

Chinese Canadians and First Nations: 150 Years of Shared Experience

Re: Too Many Of One Kind Is National Suicide pic

Re: phasing out of sponsor ship of the parents and grandparents of imm (Fraser Institute rules!) pic

Question for white trash racists pic

RE:Re: Say ..If all the whites leave ...wouldn't you then want to live

Canada #1 in the world when it comes to tolerance for immigrants (Nightmare of white trash racists!)

White Fragility

Wanted in Canada, white supremacist from Vancouver seeks to turn North

Fox News expert mocked for saying UK's Birmingham 'totally Muslim'

Rupert Murdoch's Paris tweet sparks Twitter outrage, fueled by Aziz An

Re: Only 0.01 percent of Europe's Muslims might be extremists pic

Antiracists will counter any neo-Nazi march in Vancouver

City of Paris to sue Fox News for Muslim 'insults'

Canada's crime rate continued downward trend in 2013

Nenshi accuses some councillors of 'getting blotto' at work as Calgary

Re: Time To Take Back Richmond (A tempest in a teapot!)

Re: To the pro chinese spammer here

Re: Harper's Immigration Changes Are Winning My Vote China Watch Cana pic

Brampton city hall replaces Lord's Prayer with non-denominational vers

Turkish Airlines is the "Best Airline in Europe" (For the fourth year running)

Local MP pushing for five to 10-year visas for Canadians going to (China)

RE: RENTAL INSANITY. Useless renters should be exterminated.

Hockey Locker - m4w (Richmond)

Re: E I Truckers vs port (Surrey)

E I Truckers vs port (Surrey)

Our taxes at work! (The price of paranoia and jingoism)

55 Re: RENTAL INSANITY. Useless renters should be exterminated. 55 pic

Mandatory viewing pic

9999 Re: sikh Politics In Canada 9999 (Largest Act Of Terrorism In Canada :()

re : ocd white trash bitch pic

9999 RENTAL INSANITY. Useless renters should be exterminated. 9999 (SD)


luongo wins asian cup (rogers)

Toronto's Getting It......Wake up Vancouver

White Couple Attacked In Brutal Hate Crime (Ain't multiculturalism great??)

...................................The Global News (Surrey) SUCK'S

A friendly reminder....

RE - So F'ing Post It Then

Teen girl brutally attacked in racial hate crime (Everywhere)

Re- This is what compacency gets you (Same thing here E.I's)

So F'ing Post It Then

This is what complacency gets you (coming soon Canada)

re : ocd white trash bitch pic

Who let the dogs in ? pic

69 Here we go again!!! 69 (bend over b.c.) pic

100 Why does everyone want to be white 100

------This country is a dumping ground for third World Sewer RATS ! (third World Sewer RATS !) pic

Vanhong is a sewer ghetto full of Third world sewer rats (Time to leave this shithole city !) pic

Well Now, Isn't This Most Interesting??

Married and annoyed

50 Edward Joseph Biwer 50 (surrey)

Anyway You Cut It..........It's White Genocide!!!

Will the White Race Survive?

The coming civil war in Canada (Guaranteed!!!!)

RE-Re:Tailings Pond (Quesnel Lake) (vancouver bc)

re : ocd white trash bitch pic

Re:Global Strikes Again

30 Re: Asian Escorts 30 (Vancouver)

RE: Civil Forfeiture is a Joke (BC)

Re:Tailings Pond (Quesnel Lake)

Re: Global News (MOOOOOO)


69 Re: White women in Canada need BIG BLACK COCK to increase birth rate 69 pic

UNB defends professor's comments about Asian immigration in Vancouver

Current Signage Bylaw in Richmond Hill, ON, Canada:

Re: Listen Up Honkey Crackers (I'd vote for this plan!)

Tailings pond (no sh#t)

45 wanted canuck tix 45 (gookville)


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